Hearing Conservation Articles

Inquiring Ears Want to Know: A Fact Sheet about Your Hearing Test. This single page (two-sided) fact sheet from the CDC contains important answers to frequent questions workers ask about their audiograms. It addresses why workers should get regular audiograms, how to understand the results, and why the results should be saved to help evaluate and maintain the worker's hearing.

Occupational Noise Standard, Poster of 1910.95 Standard, 2011, by Howard Leight

A Practical Approach to Workplace Communication Assessment: Or “Keep Your Head Down and Your Ears Open”, by Sandra MacLean

Turn It to the Left: Rapper Warns Against Hearing Loss on iPods, from (External Link)

Hearing Conservation for the Hearing-Impaired Worker - Safety and Health Information Bulletin, (External Link)

Case Study I: Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss, by George Cook

Ototoxic Drugs, Chemicals and Heavy Metals in the Workplace, by George Cook

Firearms and Hearing Protection, by William J. Murphy, David C. Byrne and John R. Franks (External Link)