Mobile Audiometric Testing

Alask Occupational Audiology and Heath Services Mobile VanWe strive to provide our clients with efficient scheduling that will minimize impact on operations and employee productivity. We can provide 24 hour mobile testing. We have also established affiliations with independent clinics throughout Alaska and the Pacific Northwest to facilitate cost effective and convenient pre-placement and make up testing.

Our Mobile Units and Equipment

  • Mobile 4-person audiometric testing unit
  • Portable state of the art test equipment for remote locations
  • Custom designed clinical audiometric test booth and well insulated van
  • Monitoring of ambient sound with bio-acoustic octave band monitor
  • Microprocessor audiometers
  • Immediate on-board processing of employee results
  • Previous computerized records can be uploaded into our secure system

Our Professionals and Procedure

  • All services performed by licensed audiologists or CAOHC certified technicians
  • Otoscopic evaluations
  • Audiometric testing of frequencies 500–8000 Hz exceeds OSHA requirements
  • Medical history questionnaire obtained for each employee
  • Hearing test results are explained and compared to baseline audiogram
  • Employees receive same day notification of standard threshold shifts (STS)
  • Hearing Protector Refit/Retrain completed for employees with STS
  • Same day preliminary report package includes rosters, 10 dB STS and OSHA 300 recordable STS lists

Our Follow Up and Reports

  • Scheduling or coordination of make-up testing and STS/Recordable STS retesting, which will be included in final report
  • Review of audiometric data by staff audiologists
  • Final report including, but not limited to, individual employee audiometric test reports, management and statistical summary reports, STS and Recordable STS reports, customized employee letters of notification for STS and Medical Referral
  • Electronic reporting is available