Why Choose Alaska Occupational Audiology Services for your Audiometric Needs?

Mobile Van Testing

We strive to provide our clients with efficient scheduling that will minimize impact on operations and employee productivity. We can provide 24 hour mobile testing. We have also established affiliations with independent clinics throughout Alaska and the Pacific Northwest to facilitate cost effective and convenient pre-placement and make up testing.

Noise Level Surveys

We provide several types of noise level measurement. The type of measurement that is best for you will depend upon the work environments and processes specific to your company as well as upon the reasons for which you are requesting the survey.

Employee Training

We provide comprehensive employee training for each employee as specified in OSHA 1910.95, Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) 49 CFR and MSHA Chapter 62. Hearing conservation training can be achieved through a variety of formats based on your needs.

Management Training

We have found that many of the most successful hearing conservation programs have placed a high emphasis on education at all levels within the organization. Our Train The Trainer Workshops are designed to enable participants to provide better in-house training and supervision of employees within the hearing conservation program.

Hearing Protectors

There are several styles of hearing protection devices available. The best choice is the one that fits properly, is appropriate for noise and work environment, and is comfortable and consistently worn by the individual. It is a requirement that employees receive individual fitting instruction including assessment of their fit.

Specialized Devices

Custom Earplugs are made from impressions of your ears and provide you with personalized comfort and protection. And just as no two ears are identical, noise environments and hearing protection needs also vary. Different styles of custom hearing protectors are available, so there is certain to be a style that meets your specific needs.

Protector Fitting

Simply providing hearing protection devices (HPD’s) is not enough. Without proper fitting and regular use of hearing protectors by employees, hearing loss prevention efforts may be futile. Our Hearing Protector Fitting serves both to meet compliance and to assist in achieving a more effective hearing conservation program.

Protector FitCheck

If hearing loss prevention efforts are to be successful, it is important to know that hearing protectors are reducing noise to safe levels. While a properly administered Hearing Protector Fitting helps to ensure that employees are achieving the best possible fit from an appropriate hearing protection device (HPD), the fit check system takes this effort even further.

CAOHC Certification

CAOHC, the Council for Accreditation in Occupational Hearing Conservation, was created to fill the need for guidelines and standards in the occupational hearing conservation field. Its main objective is to provide to those serving industry the education, information and guidance to implement successful occupational hearing loss prevention programs.


Musician's Earplugs (available as custom or ready-fit) reduce sound levels to your ear while maintaining a more natural sound quality when compared to traditional earplugs. Different levels of filtering accommodate different listening needs. They're great for musicians, concert go-ers, night club employees or anyone who wants to enjoy a higher quality of music without all the buzz.

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